We The People-New Music From Artist mikeflo

Lyrics: Mikeflo @mikeflo_official

Verse 1

The dark matter, deep space, heaven on earth, blacker the berry, the sweetest pussy, the rebirth, the brand nubian, kushite, The Elohim, the mighty Moorish, the asiatic, Kemetic genes, (4) supreme being, one drop superior despite even recessive rape never inferior, the melenated, carbon dated original, and let me break down that term aboriginal, (8) the etymology, the prefix meaning the non, Like abnormal, word sound power is bond, Don’t let em fool ya, thinkin you ain’t the Apex, the difference is we don’t prey on the next (12) I tell em cut the check, reperate my wallet I wanna flex, gemme 40 acres premium fuel for the jet, foot off my neck bitch I’ll stop it before it starts, everybody got a roll my nigga play yo part (16)/flo

Verse 2

Free your mind and protest your mental, refuse to be moved like pawns, look at the chessboard, some sacrifice their pawns seeking a bigger goal, to seize the king, checkmate em, fold the board (4), then they’re those more slow to advance...for the fear that they could lose they man, some sit on they hands, carefully move, they whole plan is protection, fortifying they gate by warding off their section (8), guess I’m a little of both shit a beacon for hope, that you plan plot and strike at the same time, you see the piece is important but I ain’t hoarding it same time it’s casualties in war and I’m knowing it (12) - whatever the choice of course it’s up to you, today Samarai tomorrow it’s Sun Tzu, all I ask is you recognize your enemy, study self and the obstacles toward your victory (16)/ flo