We Are Not Alone This Time

Words and Photography: Kevin Sanon


I've only attended the protests during the day because the night seemed like a war zone. The media would only show the negative side of the protests but when I was at these protests it was nothing but peace until we were redirected like herds of cows by the police. Nonetheless, I felt great being a part of such a movement, such a groundbreaking time in my generation, such a time that I couldn’t help but document.

During the first protest as I was on my way to union square on the bike, I was stopped by a protest at the beginning of Prospect Park, Ocean and Parkside. I was taking photos. I was listening. I was chanting. I was stuck in amazement on how this experience was compared to what’s shown on the news. We all decided to march down Flatbush. I marched with everyone but forgot my bike was parked on Parkside, so as I was walking back I noticed an older gentleman named James. I stopped to ask to take photos of him. He didn’t mind but he was talking to me about how amazing this was to him. 

“With all my years of living this is not the first protest that I have witnessed because of social injustice. This is the largest involving all kinds of people, you see all kinds of races, ethnicities and cultures. We are not alone this time”

This was one of the things he said and it kept repeating in my mind as I continued going to other protests. 

We are not alone this time . . .