Varsity weekend with Noémi Marguerite

In a time where the norm no longer exists, a part of me felt the only way I could adjust properly was if I neglected my joys - one of which was getting dressed. Getting my outfit together has always been my favorite part of the day. Aside from cooking, it’s the time I’m the most present. Yet lately my routine involves wearing the same green sweats with a different shirt. I’ll be honest, spending a day styling outfits was the highlight of my weekend. It’s been a minute since I’ve given more than second thought in my appearance. Experimenting with pieces, using my camera, having my mind focused on nothing else but me and the mirror was something I didn't know I needed. Check out @thebkcircus IG Highlights for my thoughts on what it's like to treat yourself in moments you feel like you don’t deserve it. Photographed, filmed, and most importantly styled by @noemiemarguerite

So touched and relieved to know I'm not the only who feels this way. Interestingly enough I was very close to opting out of this due to the false narrative I created for myself that I'm not allowed to enjoy life. Survival isn't a foreign concept to me, especially being a first-gen immigrant and yet my current positioning still holds more privilege to those before me and those around me. Capping this weekend with some closing thoughts in the IG Story.

Thank you all for providing space for my perspective. Who knows, I may be back soon. Much love. Noémie.