The future is now-creatively

We followed up with Sebou co-owner and creative partner Wadood Suberu to share some insight on what is creatively driving them these days. Who are you guys creatively inspired by right now. Share and plug some interesting creatives or people, places and things we should be keeping an eye on. 

Moroccan photographers 
Mous Rabat -  @mouslamrabat
Mohamed Souidid - @its.medd
Chater Karim - @style_beldi

Swedish based perfume brand Uniform Scents founded by two guys from the African Diaspora. Haisam Mohamed and Lamin Ceesay. @uniform_scents
Swedish Photographers
Senay Berhe - @senayberhe
Ikram - @ikramianism
Maceo Frost - @maceofrost
Vilmo Ek - @vilma.eks
The database Afripedia with the goal to connect African diaspora all over the world. @afripedia

Danish clothing brand Twelve Pieces is also a brand we think everyone should check out. He has a very clear story and vision.

Moroccan designer Hiba Benoumma who creates sustainable clothing collections. Make sure to check out her latest collection, Not wasted. @benoumma


Ikram Abulkadir  @ikramianism







Maceo Frost @maceofrost










Senay Berhe  @senayberhe






Vilma Ek     @vilma.eks