Supremacy 2-Etched in Stone

We had the pleasure of attending the second installment of Julian Alexander's Supremacy project. A mural installation project designed as a response to the current state of the nation and the world. With police brutality and BLM at the center of the current election, artist like Julian Alexander are using their voice and creativity to contribute to the conversation. For more information on the project and the artist jump on instagram via @supremacyproject and/or follow #whoprotectsmefromyou Artist: Julian Alexander Photography: Justin Aharoni Creative Alchemist: Khadijat Oseni 

Artist Statement: Deference for yesterday can interfere with the fight that is necessary for a better tomorrow. Regardless of how far we think we have come, Supremacy is chiseled into the foundation of the system. Think about where we are, feel something, and keep that same energy in the voting booth.