Southern Beauty-Model Salome Brown

Salome Brown is a southern beauty originally from Columbia, South Carolina. She originally moved to NY three years ago to pursue a fashion career, first working as a stylist and now as a signed model. A natural creative entrepreneur, she is on the verge of launching her first collection this coming spring. 

Creativity seeps from her pores, often inspired by her own life experiences. Coming from a biracial background in the still racially tense southern town of Columbia, her creativity was a source of resilience. Having built her own online retail business in high school selling sunglasses, Salome realized early on that her hustle was different. She knew she needed a place that would truly challenge and inspire her so she decided to move to NY, and she hasn’t looked back since. 

What brought you to NYC?

The mindset of creativity in the city. Having visited a few times in high school, I fell in love with the energy and just knew this was where I needed to be. 

What do you like about NY, that is very different from the town of Columbia South Carolina where you are from?

Coming from an interracial background, a white father, an African-American mother and an African stepfather, and a neighborhood where my best friend was hispanic, the diversity of New York was really appealing; New York provided an opportunity to meet people from many different cultural backgrounds, which has been a huge source of inspiration for me since moving here.

How do you describe your hometown to someone who has never been to the South?

It’s a black and white world. In Columbia you are defined a lot more by your race than in New York. At the same time it’s a place that can make you feel very at home. It is also a place that forces you to learn about who you are and look inward.

What has kept you in NY so long?

The freedom to continue to grow creatively. The culture, pace, and energy of the city motivate me to become my best creative self.

What else are you professionally pursuing professionally in NYC outside of modeling?

Wardrobe styling, clothing design, and professional acting — I’m really excited to do more of the latter in the near future!