Defining a Successful Photograph

Photography: Chance Nkosi Gomez


Chance Nkosi Gomez, 25 years of age, is native to the West Indian island of St. Lucia. He is based in Miami Florida where his educational interest lies in producing photographic art. The medium was introduced to him during his high school sophomore year while he was enrolled in an elective photography course taught by filmmaker Dr. Devin Marsh (Robert Morgan Educational Center). During that time understanding the fundamentals of photographic equipment was an enigma of sorts. An integral challenge during the early stages was the question, What exactly defines a successful photograph? He began producing conceptual imagery after finding interest in the work of Ben Zank, Noell Oszvald, Aleksandra Kingo, and Brooke Didonato. Using suburban and industrial environments as a stage, Nkosi manipulates negative-space, form, line and the human figure to create a minimalist visual dialogue. Through the titles of his work he presents quixotic phrases and humor into vernacular language. 

Although each series varies in its approach, his work relates to the subconscious mind. Through this medium he shares a doorway into a world people are already familiar with, that they can enjoy and add to their map of reality. This also aids in cultivating an adherence to a creative vision that's real for him. Currently, he is completing an associates degree in photographic technology at Miami Dade College where he also works as a photographer. Several of the series he has produced have been mentored by artist, photographer, and educator Tony A. Chirinos. Over the last 5 years he has self published five photographic books: Follow Me I'll Be Right Behind You (2017), Sonata - Minimal Study (2018),  Birds Singing Lies (2018), Rwanda (2019), and Where does the body begin? (2019). Modern digital imaging technology challenges an artist such as Nkosi to exceed the technical capabilities of the equipment and produce imagery that is all at once divine in the mastery of capturing and controlling light creatively.