Daze House
Bridging the Gap





“The minute I stepped foot on the property I knew…. This is Daze House”, The founder / CEO Gabriel Leavell recollects. Gabriel has a resume that would confuse any HR manager. Trying his hand at any /everything of interest, one central theme for him has always remained; creating an experience and a burning desire to create something meaningful. Hailing from a small town in Washington State, making the move to NYC was a pivotal transition. With a dollar and a dream, Gabriel set out to “make it”. After a number of businesses and failed attempts to work for someone else, Gabriel happened to fall upon airbnb while trying to make passive income. This proved to be fruitful and brought it to his business partner and explained they should take a serious approach to the business. Within a few months they quit their jobs and focused solely on growing this business. But for Gabriel, the project lacked a deeper purpose. He wanted to support talented artists and friends. So he set out to do things differently than other Airbnb businesses. Creating curated events, selling artwork and Even creating ”meet-up” events between multiple airbnb guests to interact and explore the city. This created the backbone of what is now known as Daze House.

Daze House is a new boutique hotel line. The name born out of a need to have something universal, memorable and non alienating. The brand embodies Gabriel's core mission statement. Create unique experiences that support local artists and entrepreneurs. Mold a sustainable eco-system that supports locals throughout the continent and finally have a beautiful ,intentional brand through design, food and storytelling.

After careful consideration, Gabriel decided to set his sights on South Africa. The main factors he explains were the familiarity to home, deep culture and vast opportunity to highlight local creatives and entrepreneurs. His initial focus was design. Gabriel worked with a local interior architect. Their goal was to design a contemporary minimalist aesthetic that brings “a feeling” to each room inspired by different countries throughout Africa. The next step is to bring product and local artisans from those countries to the hotel. Most items are for sale in the hotel including: artwork, locally sourced and designed beds and retail products Daze House has specially developed to enhance the vibe for guests. The goal is to establish multiple boutique hotels throughout Africa and have a room representing the 54 countries on the continent. This will help support each country and allow Daze House to connect and build its global community.