Dark Matter at The Rose Marie Ines Gallery 
A Curatorial Exploration in Black Space, Color and Identity

Curated by Ouigi Theodore and Zana Woods, February 2018

Antoine Tempé 

Antoine Tempé is a French-American photographer, currently living and working in Dakar, Senegal. He specializes in documenting African contemporary cultural scenes through portraiture and photojournalism. His work is exhibited worldwide including The African Photography Biennial in Bamako, Mali (2007); the Centre National de la Danse in Paris (2008); Fondation Zinsou in Cotonou, Benin (2011); The African Contemporary Art Biennial in Dakar, Senegal (2012, 2016); Lagos Photo in Nigeria (2015); the Rencontres d’Arles (2016).




Delphine Diallo 

Delphine Diallo is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese contemporary artist. She graduated from the Académie Charpentier School of Visual Art in Paris before working in the music industry for seven years. Diallo is inspired by the courage and modesty of her motherland, Senegal, her mentor and photographic Master, Peter Beard, Shaolin Monk Master and Teacher, Shifu Yan Ming, progressive resistance in Native American tribes, Brooklyn’s diversity, and the unknown souls she has yet to meet. Her work has most recently been displayed in; Unseen photo Festival in Amsterdam; No Commission curated by Swizz Beats in New York;




George McCalman

George McCalman is a San Francisco based Creative Director. His BFA degree in philosophy informs his design principles to this day. He credits his Caribbean background for his "unique ability to both embrace and rebel against traditional modes of design". He is a finne artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.




Kelly Marshall

Kelly Marshall is a New York based photographer specializing in interiors, travel and portraiture. Her commercial and fine art work are interwoven as she explores inherent human belief systems; how they construct our lives, our physical homes and in essence, our everyday reality. Her work has been exhibited at MOAD: e Museum of e African Diaspora (SF), Southern Exposure (SF) and Rush Arts (NYC).



Luca Sola

Luca Sola is a Documentary photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a professional photojournalist since 2007, his work has focused on social, humanitarian and geopolitical subjects with particular reference to Africa and the Middle East. His first book, "Libia/Appunti di Guerra" (2012 Postcart Edizioni) is based on his work about Libya’s civil war. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Rome, Venice, New York, Paris, Edinburgh, San Diego, Seoul and Toronto.



John Midgley

John Midgley is a Brooklyn based photographer specializing in fashion and beauty photography. Born in London, he grew up between London, Nairobi and Paris. His images are “about dreaming and escaping” and inspired by Renaissance paintings and Photorealism. John has shot many celebrities for numerous international magazines and went on to work with Martin Margiela, Hermes, Neiman Marcus and many other clients.