A Lifestyle of Authenticity
A Celebration of Street Style



Five years in the making, Saleh has captured an era of resilience beyond fashion and style with ‘Street Culture’. The book is the first published by a Black woman documenting the street style of Black Creatives in the fashion and entertainment industry. The moments photographed highlight authenticity seen in the fierce poses and off guard looks throughout the streets of New York City – the leading global destination of fashion. There are powerful stills encompassing the acceptance of natural hair and originality, surrounded by the cityscape, street signs, graffiti, taxis, and caution signs. The cityscape brings a realistic and raw feel to each subject. Photographs are juxtaposed to quotations from “unknown” muses giving them a voice; each of them a brilliant artist in their own right. ‘Street Culture’ features well known fashion and cultural influencers including Antwaun Sargent, Young Paris, Tamu McPherson, and Ladene Clark, to name a few. 

Street style is a creative expression that presents the opportunity to project who are, where we’ve been, and where we are going.. Oftentimes it’s an outward expression of our experiences and lineage. I enjoy capturing subjects who’s personal style expresses this ideal the most.” Seleen Saleh 

‘Street Culture’ gives light to the original runway that inspires modern day fashion. There is an overload of color and style, by the pioneers and ‘who’s who’ of the global fashion community. During a time when diversity in the fashion industry has become a major topic of discussion globally, ‘Street Culture’ was created to give a space to those whose contributions may or may not be known. This book is about documenting a movement in time that will continue to blossom and grow. A time of resilience, style, and celebrating culture. ‘Street Culture’ by Seleen Saleh, is available now and distributed globally by Goff Books.